NCC Camp

St. Soldier students shine at NCC Camp

Students of St. Soldier Mohali participated in many activities and made the school proud in a 10 day Combined 
Annual Training Camp organised at NCC Academy Ropar. Along with them there were about 380 other volunteers 
from various schools who also participated in this camp. Many activities were undertaken 
during this camp and the achievers from St. Soldiers are as follows :
Abhishek Singh      X-B  1st prize in Obstacle race
Lakshdeep Singh   X-A  1st prize in Rifle Shooting 25m.
Abhishek Singh      X-B  1st prize in Written Exam
Sejal Balihar           X-A  2nd prize in Obstacle race
Abhishek Singh      X-B  2nd prize in Volleyball
Pardip                     IX-A 2nd prize in Volleyball
Jashanpreet Singh X-C  2nd prize in Volleyball