Republic Day

St. Soldier School reverberated with the patriotic fervor and gusto as the
Management , Staff and zealous students celebrated India’s 71st Republic
Day.The occasion commenced with the unfurling of the National Flag by
Principal Anjli Sharma along with the advisor Ms.Vinender Tiwana and Headmistress Amrit Kalsi who took the salute from the NCC contingent of the school. Every heart was pounding with saffron, white and green hues.

The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. To mark the importance of this day, special assemblies under the guidance of Ms. Sandhya Godara and Ms. Harpreet Bhullar were conducted by the students of Class III-C and Class VIII-A respectively who conveyed the significance of fundamental rights and duties in a vivid manner. This was followed by an enlightening street play showcasing the social evil of drug abuse. The scintillating folk dance ‘Lavani’ of Maharashtra and the soulful rendition of patriotic songs by the students of the Music Club filled everyone with the spirit of nationalism.

Patriotic messages were delivered from Chairman S.Karnail S. Brar and the Principal . The students were made to take a pledge so as to initiate the quest of cleanliness with themselves, school , locality, society and their country.

Sweets were distributed among the students.

Pariksha Pe Charcha Live

The Live Telecast of Pariksha Pe Charcha was shown to the students of the school wherein Prime Minister Narendra Modi held his second “Pariksha Pe Charcha” on Tuesday in which he interacted with 2,000 students from high school to college, along with their parents and teachers. The event was held at Talkatora Stadium.

Students, teachers and parents interacted with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss exams related issue. He was also talking about the exam stress the students goes through before the board exams.

Talking about depression PM Modi said, “Students living in hostel can also find some senior or person with whom they can share their feelings.”

Talking about depression and homesickness developing among the students moving to another city or hostel for higher studies he said, “Try to connect your child with someone who can help their child in time of crisis or need. A get-together once in a weekend will also help.

Lohri celebration

Lohri celebrated at St.Soldier’S Mohali

Lohri was celebrated with great enthusiasm at St.Soldier, Mohali. Chairman Mr. Karnail Singh Brar lit the bonfire and students of classes III-B and IX -C under the guidance of Ms.Maninder Kaur and Ms. Gitanjli respectively  presented the skit showcasing the Robinhood of Punjab Dulha Bhatiwala and the marriage of Sundri and Mundri followed by bhangra and giddha which mesmerised one and all. Lohri goodies ( Revri, Moongfali and Popcorns) were distributed to all the students and Staff members of the school amidst students singing “Sunder Munderiye Ho”. 

The great festival was celebrated in a special way by the Samaritans of the school.A group of students from the NSS and Interact Club alongwith  their Incharges Ms.Manjeet Rai and Mr. Sachin Chandel distributed Lohri goodies to the slum area children of Chuhar Majra village ,which has been adopted by the school. 

Plogging Activity

Plogging Activity by students of St. Soldier Mohali

Students of St. Soldier Mohali carried out an environmentally conscious activity in the market area of  Phase-VII, Mohali and its vicinity. Picking up strewn garbage while jogging made the plogggers of Classes VII and VIII not only elated but also filled them with pride for doing some good to planet Earth. More than 40 students took off through the market area in gloves and holding their garbage bags competing and vying to be the first to grab each piece of garbage which included plastic bottles, tattered pieces of clothes, bits of newspapers etc. This activity was undertaken under the aegis of Ms. Manseerat Kaur, Ms. Sumedha and Ms. Harpreet Kaur during their Life Skill classes. In a duration of 30 minutes run, the volunteers filled up four to five trash bags. Before sending them off the ploggers were made aware of right posture especially not to bend their backs and be sure that they should alternating the garbage bag from the right hand to the left hand and vice versa without straining their neck. The school has made this endeavour to be a weekly feature.

Fit Hai Toh Hit Hai

Fitness Fiesta at St. Soldier Mohali

 Fit India Ambassadors of Kindergarten Section of St. Soldier School Mohali put up an excellent fitness fiesta titled ‘Fit India 2019’. Realizing the significance of physical activity and fitness, the school has incorporated ‘Fitness Strikers Programme’ in the curriculum of junior school. The extravaganza was showcased in two phases. The first one was organized by the students of Classes I and II and the second one was by the little ones from Play Group, Pre Nurseries and KGs. The toddlers from Play Group and Pre Nurseries enthralled the audience with their graceful moves as they jumped, crawled, walked in straight and zig-zag manners.The well co-ordinated activity of Young Yogis and Yoginis from KGs motivated all present to embrace Yoga as the panacea for a fit and disease free life. The message – victory of construction over destruction was aptly delivered through the didactic game of ‘Builders and Bulldozers’ presented by the little ones.The awesome activity and a fun drill using hula hoops by the little ones of Nurseries garnered a lot of applause by one and all. Their cute presentation through ‘Chicken Dance ‘ brought a smile on every face.

The munchkins of Class I with their Ribbon Dance, Hula Hoops and aerobics gave an electrifying performance. Not only the students of Class II took the audience on an exhilarating and colourful parachute ride but they also exhibited perfect co-ordination through skating.

The highlight of the show was the spectacular display of Calisthenics showcased by Ishabir, the pride of Punjab as well as St. Soldier’s. She has been declared as the 2nd Best Gymnast of Punjab. Principal  Anjli Sharma applauded the efforts of the young ones for exhibiting high levels of concentration, discipline and hardwork under the dedicated guidance of their teachers. Director Karandeep  Singh Brar, congratulated the students and the teachers for putting up such a fantabulous show.

A Tyrst with Panchayat

Class VI students of St. Soldier School Mohali visited Chuhar Majra the village that has been adopted by the school. As a part of the curriculum, they interacted with the Sarpanch Jasbir Singh and the panches. They were mesmerised by the women empowerment in the village .Two of women Ms. Manjeet Kaur and Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur are the Panches. As per the Shagun Scheme launched by the government Rs.15000 is given on every girl’s marriage. Young women are employed in the Aganwadi established for grooming toddlers. The development is good with sufficient borewells and sewrage pipes laid in the entire village which has a population of above 1000 people. The teachers who accompanied the students were Ms. Manjeet Rai Sharma , Ms. Ravinder Kaur and Ms J.P. Kaur. 

Light and Sound Pageant

Satguru Nanak Pargatya

To commemorate the 550 Birth celebration of Guru Nanak Dev ji, a grand multimedia light and sound show ‘Satguru Nanak Pargatya’ was showcased at St. Soldier Int. School, Mohali. It was a mesmerizing presentation on the life and philosophy of Guru Nanak by the students of Classes III to V. A humble and befitting tribute was paid to the first guru, disseminating his messages and teachings including ‘Work Hard, Chant God’s name and share the earnings’, strengthening the ethos of unity, peace, brotherhood, women empowerment, compassion and environment conservation.

The students through anecdotes from his life apprised the spectators about Guru’s initiative to eradicate social inequalities, hollow rituals and superstitions from the social fabric to make it progressive and a healthy one . Various sakhis were incorporated to reveal how the Guru made people understand to refrain from blindly following religious myths and beliefs in the reality, that God is omnipresent and omniscient. Colourful visual presentation, school choir’s soulful rendition of the Guru’s Shabads and verses, lively and vibrant enactment filled the school auditorium with divinity. The highlight of the show was the arti which came as a surprised at the end of the show with the participants holding lamps illuminated the auditorium. Earlier on 9th Nov. celebration of the occasion had started with an exhibition on the Guru’s life and teachings. The management appreciated the effort made by the students and teachers to celebrate this great day and said that we need to follow the teachings preached by the great saint and scholar.

Children Day

Mentors Enthrall  their students

The 130th  Birth Anniversary of our First Prime Minister, Late Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was celebrated at St.Soldier’s Mohali with much fanfare. The Head Boy for the day was Mr. Manish Parmar (Computer Teacher) and the Head Girl was Ms.Anandita ( PGT Physics) .The morning assembly  began with the announcement of  Ulta-Pulta News by the Senior Secondary teachers and Thought for the Day by Ms.Yogita (PGT Commerce ) and Ms Avleen (PGT Psychology).The Pre Primary teachers presented a song while teachers of Classes IV and V mesmerized the children with a hilarious hindi kavita on the activities of children. The highlight of the day was the skit presented by the senior teachers which created peels of laughter. A fabulous dance performance on the beat of a song from Baahubali by Ms. Nisha Gugnani thrilled the excited young minds.

The best presenters of the exhibition held recently on the Teachings of Guru Nanak were felicitated.

In her speech Principal Ms. Anjli Sharma greeted the students and stressed upon the need of being physically and mentally fit, being kind and patient to parents and spending quality time with them whenever possible. A quiz on Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was conducted. Later the children had class parties and enjoyed cookies arranged by the Management.
Toddlers of Play Group to K.G.were taken for a picnic to the Nature Park, Mohali while the students of Classes I & II were taken to Chhatt Bir Zoo.

Chairman Mr. Karnail Singh Brar congratulated the children and applauded the effort of teachers to enthrall their students.

550th Birth Anniversary

To celebrate the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s 550th Birth Anniversary students of St. Soldier, Mohali organized an exhibition.

Heart and soul were put in by students of different classes on the different themes allotted to them. Class VI showcased the three principles of Guru Nanak –Kirat Karo, Naam Japo and Vand Shako. Class VII threw light upon the status given to women in Sikhism while Class VIII taught people about secularism. Class IX enlightened the people about the façade of superstitions.

The model of Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara prepared by Class IX  students was the highlight of the exhibition.

The exhibition began by offering Ardas to the almighty followed by Shabads of Guru Nanak by the students of the senior and junior wings which were appreciated by one and all.

Chief guest Rtn. Mr. Sukhpreet Singh Giani ,former President of Rotary Club Mohali applauded the effort put in by the students for their research and creative display of information.


Diwali celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

Diwali was celebrated with great enthusiasm at St. Soldier Int. Convent School, Mohali. In the morning assembly students of Class IV-C under the guidance of Ms. Poonam Saini enacted the scenes of Ramayana in the form of a musical show. In beautiful costumes and jewelry life story of Lord Rama and his famous victory over the evil Ravana was presented. Later, his homecoming with his beloved wife was shown through lighting of diyas. The activity concluded with a beautiful song on Diwali by the students. Director S. Karandeep Singh Brar applauded the effort of the students and teachers. Bulletin Boards were beautifully decorated on the theme Diwali. Toddlers coloured diyas and candles and made greeting cards to be taken home.