Circular 2017


Circular No/SSICS/01/2017

Dated : 11-01-2017

Subject : Holidays to be entered in the School Diary

10 th February (Friday)                  : Guru Ravi Das Jayanti

24 th February ( Friday)                : Maha Shivratri

13 th March ( Monday)                  : Holi



Circular No: SSICS/ 02/2017

Dated:  01.02.2017

Dear Parents

  • Request for S.L.C. : In case you are planning to withdraw your ward, kindly forward your request for a School Leaving Certificate on the prescribed proforma available at the school reception latest by
  1. 02. 2016. Even if you are doubtful please do this in order to avoid any inconvenience later on.
  • Dress Code for Path & Langar on 18th February: In order to enforce more discipline and reduce undue focus on trendy clothes and accessories, students will come dressed in School Uniform (Track Suits) along with their parents . Those who do not comply will be sent back and given a lower grade in Co-Scholastic area of attitudes & values.
  • Holiday on Election Day : As per Government notification 4 th Feb ( Saturday) will be a holiday, Since the School has been made a Polling Centre.

Your co-operation is solicited.



Circular No: SSICS/  03 /2017

For Classes : VIII & IX

Subject : New Assessment Guidelines for Class X w.e.f 2017

Dear Parents

You are requested to attend a special Parent Teacher Meet regarding the CBSE Remodelled Assessment Structure of Classes IX & X w.e.f 2017 as per the following schedule :

                Date : 09-12-2017 ( Thursday)                                     Time : 9:00 a.m

                Venue : School Auditorium

Please be seated by 8:55 Sharp.


Circular No.SSICS/04/2017

Dated : 09.02.2017

Subject Changes  as per official guidelines.

Dear Parents

As per the guidelines sent by the D.E.O & CBSE certain changes are being brought about

  1. School Fee:
  • With effect from the next session the fee will be taken under one heading i.e. MONTHLY FEE . This will have to be paid in Six equal bimonthly instalments. Different  Fees  have been adjusted equally over 12 months and included in the Monthly Fee. This will work for your benefit and convenience.
  • Those who want to continue paying according to the previous schedule may do so by forwarding a written request.

Payment will be received through electronic mode.(Net Banking , Debit Card , Credit Card). However, in exceptional cases cheques /cash will be accepted on written request.

  • The Fee is being raised by 8 % as per government guidelines.
  1. Books and Uniform :
  • Stalls will not be put up in This was done earlier for the CONVENIENCE of the parents but due to the restriction we are unable to SERVE YOU. Kindly bear with us.
  • The List of Books will be put up on the School’s Website in March and you may purchase them from any shop.However , for those interested in purchasing from one vendor , a card is being forwarded.
  • The same applies in case of Uniform , a sample of which has been put up at the Reception.
  • For the sake of uniformity and school discipline you are requested to adhere to all the specifications in case of stationery and uniform.
  • The School’s Help Desk (Reception) is at your service for any other clarification.

III. Changes in CBSE Evaluation Format :

  • The assessment structure for Classes VI-X has been re-modelled by the CBSE.
  • Classes Playgroup-V will continue with the earlier C.C.E pattern.
  • A detailed circular regarding the changes and other information will follow in March.
  • A special Orientation Session has been scheduled for the parents of Classes VIII & IX students on 09.02.17 at 9:00 a.m for which attendance is mandatory.

As a stakeholder , your co-operation is solicited in the efficient implementation of these changes.

N.B : You are all invited for Guru Ka Langar on 18 th Feb(Saturday) 9:30 a.m onwards . Kindly check the Invite on the School Mobile App.


Circular No.SSICS/06/ 2017

Dated :10.03.2017

Dear Parents

Thank you for your support and co-operation throughout the Session . My special  thanks to all the Blood Donors .Kindly note the following information:

  1. Changes in Assessment Format :
  • Since the C.B.S.E has reverted to the system of Board Exams in Class X , some changes are being brought  about in the weightage of Formative and Summative Assessments in classes VI and above as under :

Classes VI – IX                                                                                       Class X

Specifications Weightage Total
Class Tests, Assignments & PSA 10 %  



Unit Tests & Practical / Project Work 10 %
1 st Terminal Examination 20 %
2 nd Terminal Examination 60 %


Internal Assessment   Total
(Tests, Exams, Practicals, Projects & Assignments) 20%  



Board Examination 80 %


  • Classes I to V will continue with the former pattern of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, and follow the semester system.
  • In classes VI and above the entire syllabus will be included in S.A II ( Second Terminal Exam).
  • Promotion to the next class will be granted only on securing 33 % in each subject.
  • The policy of upscaling grades on the basis of Co-Scholastic performance will continue.
  1. Books and Uniforms : As informed earlier vide Circular no/04/2017, Books & Uniform stalls will not be put up in school.You may contact the HELP DESK (School Reception) for any clarification.
  • The List of Books & Stationery has been put up on the school’s website and may be purchased from any vendor.
  • You are requested to adhere to the specifications given by the school with regards to uniform and stationery items to avoid any inconvenience later on.

III.Upcoming Schedule :

 Spring Camp: The following Clubs will be functional during the Spring Break ( except on gazetted holidays) from 16.03.17 to 31.03.17 (8- 9.30 a.m)

Classes I & II  : Roller Skating & Indoor games.

Classes III & Above : Table Soccer , Table Tennis , Martial Arts , Kabaddi , Volleyball , Basketball , Football, RollerSkating,Shooting.

Deposit of Money for Themelets ( Playgroup-K.G) : 1 st April (Sat) , 2017  Time : 9 a.m -12 noon

Submission of Stationery for Classes I & II : 1 st April (Sat) , 2017 Time : 9 a.m -12 noon

School will re-open on : 5 th April(Wed) , 2017 :Classes Playgroup-X & XII

10 th April (Mon) , 2017 : Class XI

Circular No./SSICS/07/2017                                                                  Dated : 20.04.2017

Dear Parents

The School is going to conduct Parent Orientation Programme for the students of Cls IX & X as per the schedule mentioned below:

Date : 22-04-2017 (Saturday) Time : 9.00 am – 10 a.m. Venue : The School Auditorium parents are requested to be seated by 9.50 am. Attendance is mandatory.


Circular No: SSICS/  08 /2017

Dated : 24-04-2017

Play Group – class II

Dear Parents

 To create awareness among students about colours. RED DAY will be celebrated on Wednesday  26.04.17. Therefore you are requested to dress your child in RED and send Red food items e.g. watermelon, apple , strawberries etc in his / her tiffin.



Circular No: SSICS/  09 /2017

Dated : 09-05-2017

Play Group – class II

Dear Parents

To create awareness among students about colours. YELLOW DAY will be celebrated on 10.05.2017. Therefore you are requested to dress your child in YELLOW and send Yellow  food items e.g. mango , banana , papaya etc in his / her tiffin.



Circular No: SSICS/  10 /2017

Dated : 12-05-2017

Dear Parents

  • The School Management has declared 13-05-2017 as a holiday to commemorate the Birth Centenary of Sardar Dalip Singh Brar.
  • Therefore the Parent Teacher Meet scheduled on this date has been postponed.



Circular No: SSICS/  11 /2017

Dated : 15-05-2017

Play Group – class II

Dear Parents

Splash Pool Activity will commence w.e.f May 16 , 2017. You are requeted to send a proper costume and a towel on the prescribed days to enable your ward to  avail the facility. Each and every belonging of the child –shirt , shorts/skirts undergarments etc. should be tagged to avoid any kind of inconvenience. No responsibility will be taken for the loss of untagged items.


Boys : Swimming Trunks

Girls : Swimming Costumes

Ordinary Garments will not be allowed

Days : …………………………. , …………………….

 Hoping for your full co-operation.



Circular No./SSICS/12/2017                                                                  Dated : 18.05.2017

Subject : Submission of School Fee

Dear Parents

  • As per your request the school has tied up with Kotak Mahindra Bank SCF108, Ph 3B2 Mohali, for submission of the School Fee w.e.f May 2017.
  • However those who do not want this facility may continue to deposit the fee at the school counter as done earlier.
  • Rectification: The brother-sister concession has been increased to Rs 500/- per month.
  • Kindly go through the details mentioned in the booklet for the submission of the school fee.



Circular No: SSICS/13/2017

Dated: 07/07/17

Subject: Reminder for School App

Dear Parents

  • The School’s App is available on Google Playstore (Android) and Apple Store(IOS).
  • You were informed regarding the same via SMS on 25th
  • This is to remind you that you may download the School’s Mobile App ‘St.Soldier Mohali’ to check the updates of your wards.

Username for Parent Log in: Padmission no.(Numeric Digits)

Username for Student Log in: Sadmission no.(Numeric Digits)

Password : schoolpad

In case of any difficulty you may contact Mr. Manish Parmar Mobile no.(9876463456)




Circular No.SSICS/18/2017

Dated : 12.08.2017   

Dear Parent

Subject : Change in School Calender


14.08.17 ( Mon)- Holiday in lieu of Janamashtmi

15.08.17( Tue)- Independence Day ( working for Nur B Timings : 8 a.m -11 a.m)

16.08.17( Wed) – Working Day




Circular No.SSICS/ 21/2017

Dated : 29.08.2017   

Subject : Change in School Calender


Dear Parents

  • In order to compensate for the lack of working days , kindly note down the following changes in the School’s Calender :

       30th August ( Wednesday) : Working Day for all the Classes.

       2nd September ( Saturday) : Working Day for all the Classes  including Play Gr- K.G.

      5th September (Tuesday) : Working Day for all the Classes.

     6th September ( Wednesday) : Holiday for Play Gr- K.G .

     16th September ( Saturday) : Working day for Playgroup- K.G .

  • Special Leave will be granted to any student who wants to celebrate either of the religious festival on 30th August or 2nd September.

        5th September will be a full working day and routine classes will be held.

  • The School is hosting the CBSE North Zone Cluster XVIII Table Tennis Tournament from 6th to 9th September Therefore, classes Playgroup to KG have been given a holiday on 6th September , which will be compensated by working on 16th September.
  • The Unit Test scheduled for 24th August will be held on 31.08.2017
  • PTM on 9th September will be held as scheduled.

Your whole hearted co-operation is solicited.




Circular No.SSICS/23/2017

Dated : 13.09.2017   

Subject : Students’ Safety & Security

Dear Parents

A Safety Audit  was conducted in the school to review the Safety & Security measures. A few more steps are being taken to gear it up :

  • Two gates will be constructed inside the School premises to restrict entry into the left and right side of the School Building.
  • A Gate Pass is being issued for the parents of each student on which you are required to sign & paste 3 paasport sized photographs ( student & both Parents) NO PARENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SCHOOL WITHOUT THIS GATE PASS.
  • You are REQUESTED to avoid Half-Day Leave for your Ward. Also kindly refrain from entering the School Gate when the School gets over at 12.45p.m & 1.50 p.m
  • Tiffin Boxes will not be entertained after 9.30 and will be kept in the Waiting Room. A Peon will bring them in at 10.00 a.m
  • VISITORS will be also be issued a Temporary Gate Pass after thorough checking.
  • The Security Guard has been told not to allow anyone to enter without a Gate Pass & Entry in the Gate Register.
  • Each Bus Attendant will be given a GATE PASS to enter to pick up the Pre-Primary students.They will not be allowed to enter the Main School Building under any circumstances.
  • A tap for drinking water is being installed outside the main wall for drivers , conductors & attendants.
  • More CCTV Cameras are being installed espsecially near the Toilets.
  • Each toilet will be manned by a separate Personell who will sit outside the outside the Toilet after cleaning it.
  • The left & right side of the building will also be manned by two Peons.
  • Request Letters have been sent again to the traffic Police for regular Patrolling
  • Students are being Counselled to raise an alarm if they see any stranger near or inside the Toilet .
  • The School’s Safety & Security Committee will also include 2 Parents & 2 Students ( 1 Girl +1 Boy) from Senior Classes. This committee will Audit the Safety& Security measures every quarter in each Academic session.

Any other suggestion from you is most welcome.

Hoping for your whole hearted Cooperation.



Circular No.SSICS/ 27/2017

Dated : 13.10.2017

Classes : P.Group-XII

Subject : The Blue Whale Challenge & Diwali Celebration

Classes : P.Group-XII

Dear Parents

  1. The Blue Whale Challenge
  • Students’ Safety is a major concern and with the onslaught of Technology we are faced with a challenging task of protecting our children from fatal games like The Blue Whale Challenge.
  • This game glorifies ‘ Death ’ and the final task for winning it is to commit suicide.
  • A detailed counselling session was held by the School Counsellor to sensitize the students against indulging in such games wherein students posed relevant questions to clarify their doubts.
  • Students were warned not to fall into this deadly trap which lures its victims by hypnotizing , blackmailing and challenging Above all it requires the participants to maintain secrecy.
  • Therefore , you are requested to keep a careful eye on your children and look out for any of the following symptoms & indicators.
  • Persistent low mood and unhappiness.
  • Withdrawal from friends and family.
  • Lack of communication/aloofness.
  • Sudden outbursts of anger directed at themselves or others.
  • Unwillingness or inability to carry out routine day to day tasks.
  • Secretive behaviour related to online activity.
  • Change in dressing style in order to hide self inflicted wounds.

      You are also requested to—

  • Off and on take their phones , search and examine their activities.
  • Talk to your children freely and explore the online world together.

        In case you notice any of the above symptoms, take help from the School’s Counsellor .  

        A Suicide Prevention Helpline to deal with the Blue Whale Challenge is already  

        functional under the District Health Programme in the Department of Psychiatry, Govt.    

        Medical College & Hospital Sec- 32-C Chandigarh.

        The Telephone nos. are 0172-2660078 & 0172-2660178.

        Our children are our nation’s valuable resource . Let’s join hands to protect them.

     2.Empathetic Diwali Celebration

  • To celebrate Diwali differently and instill compassion amongst the students the school is initiating a ‘Wall of Kindness’ for the underprivileged .
  • You are therefore requested to donate old clothes , woollens , shoes ,utensils and other household articles (in good condition) which will be hung on the wall outside the school. All these things should be deposited with the Class Teacher preferably before the Diwali Break . ( This is optional not compulsory)

Appeal  For Eco friendly Diwali :

  • Use earthen lamps (diyas)to light your homes instead of electric lights.
  • Exchange plants with your friends & relatives instead of other gifts.
  • Shun crackers and fireworks.

   Wishing you a Happy & Green Diwali 




Circular NO SSICS / 31 / 2017                                                                                     

Dated : 13-11-17

 Subject :   Children’s Day  & School  Exhibition – 7 Decades of Independent India  

Dear Parents

14-11-2017- Children’s Day Celebration ( No School Bags )

Dress Code  :   Jeans/ Trousers with a  decent top .

15 -11-2017 :School Exhibition     Holiday for Classes Play Group – VII

 Kindly go through the Invitation Card which has been  Uploaded on the School App & Website .

  Dress Code for Duty Students :  Winter School Uniform  ( Grey Trousers ,full sleeved shirt with tie )   

Dress Code for Students visiting the Exhibition along with Parents: Jeans/ Trousers with a  decent top .

 Kindly  ensure that your ward follows the Dress Code on both the days to avoid any inconvenience 

Duty students have to make their own Transport arrangement .

 No Gate Pass is required for entry on 15-11-2017.




Circular No. SSICS/32 / 2017

Dated : 22 nd November 2017

Dear Parents

Sub : Schedule for The Wizard of Oz

23.11.17 : Dress Rehearsal : (Working Day for All Participants only). Attendance is compulsory for Classes IV & V

 No Bags ( Only tiffins & water bottles). Timings : 8.20 a.m to 1 p.m ( Buses will ply)

24.11.17 : Timings : 8.20 a.m to 4.00 p.m ( Buses will ply only in the morning)

25.11.17 : Reporting Time : 12 noon .

  • Participants are required to come dressed in their respective costumes and light make-up. Hair  have to be properly washed and combed.
  • The Costumes will be taken back therefore the students must carry their school uniform (tagged) to avoid any loss.
  • Buses will ply only in the morning.




Circular No. SSICS/34 / 2017

Dated :01.12.2017

Classes: Play Group-III

Sub : Athlo Kidfest 2017 on 02.12.2017

Dear Parents

  • Reporting Time for students 00 a.m ( Buses will ply only in the morning)
  • Students are required to come dressed in their costumes with light make-up.
  • Hair have to be washed and combed properly.
  • Refreshment will be provided in school.Only water bottle to be sent
  • Only Play Group and Pre nursery students will be handed over to the parents after their Fun Races.
  • All parents are requested to watch the entire programme and cheer the participants.