From the Headmistress

Ms. Amrit Kalsi


‘Plant a healthy seed – reap a healthy crop. A healthy learning environment helps in bringing out the best in every child. A child’s mind is like a sponge – ready to absorb what is around it. We at St. Soldier’s strive to provide excellence not only in academics but also in all our theme based co-curricular activities. Our quest for keeping in step with the technology savvy world, has resulted in evolving our classes, into Smart Classrooms where conceptual learning is taken a step further by converting the Abstract to Concrete. We have always endeavoured to provide more than the expectations of the parents, who have reposed tremendous faith in our institution and entrusted us with their most precious assets. We believe that children are gifted and it is our primary responsibility to tap their hidden potential and groom them into thinking geniuses. Being accessible to parents for discussions and incorporating their valuable suggestions has been and will continue to be my forte. I consider it my privilege to serve as the Headmistress at St. Soldier School, Mohali.