Independence Day

 Independence Day celebrated at St.Soldier Mohali

St Soldier Mohali enthusiastically celebrated the 73rd  Independence Day. Everyone present was full of patriotic fervor. Each face glowed with the shimmer of a proud and free Indian. The whole ambience of the school echoed with the slogans of ‘Jai Hind’.

Principal Anjli Sharma hoisted the Tricolour and received the Guard of Honour as the young N.C.C. cadets marched past. Students of  Classe VI  under the guidance of  Ms Ravinder Kaur conducted a special assembly  to enlighten the present generation about the significance of the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters for the independence of our motherland. It was a thought provoking assembly as the participants kept asking whether after 72nd years ‘Are we free from corruption, poverty, greed, drug abuse, fear, terrorism etc ?’
To pay a  tribute to the valiant martyrs of  Kargil war  a special Power Point Presentation  was showcased which stirred everyone’s heart with patriotism.

Patriotic Songs by the students of different houses rejoiced everyone. 

Principal Anjli Sharma  was overwhelmed with the feelings of nationalism and  appreciated the efforts put in  and enthusiasm shown by the students to make this day a memorable and vibrant one. She conducted an exciting short quiz brainstorming young minds with the various questions pertaining to the history of Indian Independence.

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