Janmashtami Celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

Janmashtami was celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali with great enthusiasm. Toddlers of Nursery-C under the guidance of Ms. Seema Gautam held the morning assembly dressed up in colourful costumes of Lord Krishna, Radha, Gopies and Gwalas using creative props. They provided information about the birth of Lord Krishna and the different names given to him like Gopala, Nandlala, Kanhaiya and Govinda. The love shared by Krishna and his mother Yashoda was showcased beautifully. Krishna stealing his favourite maakhan stole the show. The activity ended with a popular bhajan followed by a dance of gopis around Krishna. Principal Ms. Anjli Sharma appreciated the effort of the teacher and the students for putting up such an informative show.

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