Monsoon Masti

Monsoon Masti at St. Soldier’s Mohali

In its endeavour to develop multiple intellegence, St. Soldier, Mohali
organized a Monsoon Masti week for the Pre-Primary Section of the
school wherein the little ones were engaged in a number of activities
related to their current theme ‘Monsoon’.

The downpour of activities began with the ‘Monsoon Feast’. The
toddlers brought monsoon delicacies like pakoras, kheer, puras,
gulgulas in their tiffins and came to school dressed in blue. On the
second day, Nursery and K.G. students made paper boats for their
‘Puddle Play’.

It was followed by Recitation Competition by Class I & II
students on the theme ‘Rain’. The week concluded with the ‘Fancy Dress
Competition’  in which the tiny tots catwalked, dressed up  as fruits,
vegetables, animals , insects and clouds found in the rainy season.
The highlight of the Competition was the child dressed as a ‘Drop of Water’.

A sudden spell of rain took everyone by surprise. Teachers promptly
arranged a rain dance and the enthusiastic children donned their
monsoon paraphernalia like swimsuits and opened their umbrellas, wore
their raincoats and danced to the tunes of popular rain songs.

Principal Ms. Vinender. Tiwana and Headmistress Ms. Amrit Kalsi
appreciated the efforts of the teachers and parents for encouraging
their children to participate in the ‘Monsoon Masti’


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