Pariksha Pe Charcha Live

The Live Telecast of Pariksha Pe Charcha was shown to the students of the school wherein Prime Minister Narendra Modi held his second “Pariksha Pe Charcha” on Tuesday in which he interacted with 2,000 students from high school to college, along with their parents and teachers. The event was held at Talkatora Stadium.

Students, teachers and parents interacted with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss exams related issue. He was also talking about the exam stress the students goes through before the board exams.

Talking about depression PM Modi said, “Students living in hostel can also find some senior or person with whom they can share their feelings.”

Talking about depression and homesickness developing among the students moving to another city or hostel for higher studies he said, “Try to connect your child with someone who can help their child in time of crisis or need. A get-together once in a weekend will also help.

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