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Positive Tweets of Parents on Online Classes

 I am very grateful that I got a school like St. SOLDIER as it always increase our knowledge in every way .Also I am grateful to all my LOVELY teachers who gave their precious time and made a wonderful PowerPoint presentation, quiz and many more.

On this auspicious  day Also I am grateful to great  freedom fighters who gave a second life to INDIA .

Thanks a lot  for all your wonderful efforts my teachers my gurus to make our  lives interesting in this lockdown also

I hope that I can meet my teachers and my friends soon



 Today’s Independence Day quiz was soo interesting and informative for all the students!! I want to thank my school for sending us these type of quizes and informative things!!It makes us feel happy during the pandemic period!! Thanks to all my teachers for supporting us in this time!!




Dearly Respected Ma’am,

When I got up this morning I felt myself very lucky to open my eyes in an independent India I am thankful to all those freedom fighter who had led us to independence…….I opened my class whatsapp group and fount a PPT sent by are class teacher Harvinder ma’am (thankyou ma’am)it was very knowledgeable information I recieved from it.After few minutes there was a link sent by our social science ma’am (Manjeet Ma’am)which had an online quiz it was really a fun and knowledge outlet for me solving the quiz. The PPT that ma’am sent really worked for me to solve the quiz,in which I scored full….

Thank you Ma’ams for the presentation and the quiz…



Arshdeep really enjoyed today’s session of online class. Through e-learning we have no idea about the importance of it but we are very sure that our wards will really gain much knowledge and they will explore the benefits of online learning.Also you were very good at telling your students about the topics which were taught to them. Thanks a lot Madhu Ma’am.

Mandeep Kumar

Arshdeep Singh’s Father

I- D

Today class was excellent. Hope every student get started his/her studies at home. They were missing school,Teacher’s and class friends also. By this online class they connect with teachers and their class fellows.

Harparas Singh

Harasees Kaur’s Father

I- D

Madhu mam used to present the lessons very nicely and involve the class in the learning. Also the way of conducting classes on Google Meet was so much appreciated and innovative. Guneet really enjoyed her new ways of class teachings. Apart from teachings also she met with her classmates on the camera and pleased to see them. In the small break she interacted with her new classmates. She is very eager to attend her next class. Along with regular classes she also enjoyed the dance class and art & craft. Thank you class teacher and school administration proving informative and interesting class learning.

Best Regards,

Amit Chauhan

Guneet Chauhan’s Father


Unfortunately we were not able to connecting 1st session, But we joined 2nd session. But I think your initiative will be fruitful for our children and your hardwork. I think Its first time for all of children using web portal for study which will also groom their technical skills. Thanks mam for connecting with your students in this crucial time. Mam we will support you and school for any type of support which will related to our ward study and future.

Tapish’s Father


In this situation all teachers n school management are doing a great work by supporting us n our kids

I appreciate SSICS  n special thanks to Sandhya mam for help n  support

Sunil Sharma

Aarav Sharma’s Father


Dear Mam it is great that even in this pandemic situation of COVID 19 school has started to take online class to keep students engaged.. as a parent I am very much happy with the process and involvement of teachers .. as from April 2020 the admission process is getting stalled .. I suggest School to allow willing parents to deposit school Tution fees online … which will be beneficial for school and parents both…. My kids are studying in this school from Play group stage and as parents we are immensely satisfied with professional attitudes and caring approach of teachers .. this is the time we should stand together and make a mark for a better tomorrow:

Soumya Kanti Ganguly

Father of  Soumyadiya(Class X) & Soumyashree (Clas VII)

Thanks Neetu Ma’am Mathematics online class was Super and very understandable for all Children….. I am very happy to have my both kids in your class.

Gauransh’s Parents


The online class was really fun ma’am…. Snaya loved it and learned the song as well … thank you for having this online session.

Snaya’s Parents

Nur A

It was good… Yashvi loved seeing you Ma’am and her classmates .

Yashvi’s Parents

Nur A

Thanks for all your efforts teacher. My children imroved a lot last year and looking forward for better this year.

Shivarpita’s Parents

Nur A

You are doing a great job under such circumstances

Manreet’s Parents

Nur A

It’s great interaction Ma’am . Agamjot fully enjoyed the online Class .Thanks

Agamjot’s Parents

Nur A

Ranbir really enjoyed today’s session of online class through zoom we have no idea about the importance of it but we are very sure that our wards will really gain much knowledge and they will explore the benefits of online learning. Also you were very good at telling your students to wear a uniform when you are attending a class …. speak one by one….raise your hands before speaking thanks a lot Poonam Sandhu Ma’am

Ranbir’s Parents


This online class is good experience for kids and children meet with their new class teacher it was possible with your cooperation Ma’am

Kapish’s Parents

This is the best way and good efforts by the School Management to gather all the class students on one platform for their studies in these crucial time

Namanjot’s Parents


It was very nice interaction and introductory class , it was well managed , thank you ma’am

Abhiraj’s Parents


It is very nice method to teach the students during the lockdown period through online regular classes for more time so that the students can complete their syllabus. the teaching method is very nice for my child.

Manmeet’s Parents


Its our pleasure to attend your class ..The way you teach our kids its outstanding… Ma’am your presentation your pronunciation and your control on our kids is superb.. Thank you so much Ma’am

Rudra Wadhwa’s Parents


I really wan to thank all the teachers of japjot who took initiative at this time specially Sonam Ma’am , her class was so interesting. She cleared all the points so well and her doubts & interaction session with students. Thank you and feeling great as a parent.

Japjot’s Parents


I really appreciate the efforts taken by all the teachers to make this time of pandemic a fruitful one where students are left with no choice but to study at home only. I have come to know about the online classes going on in other schools where students are facing problems of not getting the concepts clear through online classes , but i am happy that Achint is not facing any such problem though its been one week only. I appreciate the concern shown by teachers at the beginning too as she was a late joinee. i am hopeful that together we will come out of this situation without creating any loss to students academics. All the very best for future studies.

Achint’s Parents


I must appreciate your sincere efforts all the great educators… I do understand how tough this task is preparing all the study material for e-learning and taking online classes for these kiddos…. such activities motivate the parents as well to do some extra work with our kids… God bless you all…. Will expect more fun activities like these for these little ones.

Sanaya’s Parents

Nur -A

Vedansh attended the online class . He was very happy to see you in online class. He enjoyed Rooh Afza Mojito as Red Day Celebration for his class. The video you shared are also very intersting. He also enjoyed the song

Vedansh’s Parents


Congrats to all and thanks for warm wishes appreciate the organisers for recognizing the lovely bond between grandparents and grandchildren

Selvi’s Parents


It was very nice effort we really enjoyed must say we all miss the school