Proud Ploggers

Plogging Activity by students of St. Soldier Mohali

Students of St. Soldier Mohali carried out an environmentally conscious activity in the market area of  Phase-VII, Mohali and its vicinity. Picking up strewn garbage while jogging made the plogggers of Classes VII and VIII not only elated but also filled them with pride for doing some good to planet Earth. More than 40 students took off through the market area in gloves and holding their garbage bags competing and vying to be the first to grab each piece of garbage which included plastic bottles, tattered pieces of clothes, bits of newspapers etc. This activity was undertaken under the aegis of Ms. Manseerat Kaur, Ms. Sumedha and Ms. Harpreet Kaur during their Life Skill classes. In a duration of 30 minutes run, the volunteers filled up four to five trash bags. Before sending them off the ploggers were made aware of right posture especially not to bend their backs and be sure that they should alternating the garbage bag from the right hand to the left hand and vice versa without straining their neck. The school has made this endeavour to be a weekly feature.