Light and Sound Pageant

Satguru Nanak Pargatya

To commemorate the 550 Birth celebration of Guru Nanak Dev ji, a grand multimedia light and sound show ‘Satguru Nanak Pargatya’ was showcased at St. Soldier Int. School, Mohali. It was a mesmerizing presentation on the life and philosophy of Guru Nanak by the students of Classes III to V. A humble and befitting tribute was paid to the first guru, disseminating his messages and teachings including ‘Work Hard, Chant God’s name and share the earnings’, strengthening the ethos of unity, peace, brotherhood, women empowerment, compassion and environment conservation.

The students through anecdotes from his life apprised the spectators about Guru’s initiative to eradicate social inequalities, hollow rituals and superstitions from the social fabric to make it progressive and a healthy one . Various sakhis were incorporated to reveal how the Guru made people understand to refrain from blindly following religious myths and beliefs in the reality, that God is omnipresent and omniscient. Colourful visual presentation, school choir’s soulful rendition of the Guru’s Shabads and verses, lively and vibrant enactment filled the school auditorium with divinity. The highlight of the show was the arti which came as a surprised at the end of the show with the participants holding lamps illuminated the auditorium. Earlier on 9th Nov. celebration of the occasion had started with an exhibition on the Guru’s life and teachings. The management appreciated the effort made by the students and teachers to celebrate this great day and said that we need to follow the teachings preached by the great saint and scholar.

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