Prakash Utsav

Prakash Utsav celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

To celebrate Prakash Utsav a special morning assembly activity was conducted by Class IV students of St. Soldier’s Mohali under the guidance of Ms. Neetu Suri. They apprised the audience about the Guru Granth Sahib . The Guru Granth Sahib is also called Adi Granth and it is the holy book of the Sikhs. It contains 1430 pages and 5864 hymns or shabads. The name of the book is made up of three words. Guru in Sanskrit language means a teacher. Granth in Sanskrit language means a book and Sahib in Urdu language means master. So Guru Granth Sahib means a Master Book by the Teacher.

This year, we are celebrating the 415th anniversary of Prakash Utsav of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is celebrated every year on September 1 to mark the publication of the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and various saints which is called Gurbani. In 1708, Guru Gobind Singh ji gave a clarion call “Sab Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai Guru Manyo Granth”.  The concept of God in Sikhism –Ik Onkar, Akal Purakh and Nirankar. A few teachings-Kade kise da bura na socho, na kise da bura karo and conquer the mind conquer the world.

Even Clarion call was recited by the students Aagya bhayi Akal ki, tabhe chalayo panth………The students learn that Guru Granth Sahib, a remarkable storehouse of knowledge and teachings gives the message of love and service to the society. We should follow the teachings.


Janmashtami Celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

Janmashtami was celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali with great enthusiasm. Toddlers of Nursery-C under the guidance of Ms. Seema Gautam held the morning assembly dressed up in colourful costumes of Lord Krishna, Radha, Gopies and Gwalas using creative props. They provided information about the birth of Lord Krishna and the different names given to him like Gopala, Nandlala, Kanhaiya and Govinda. The love shared by Krishna and his mother Yashoda was showcased beautifully. Krishna stealing his favourite maakhan stole the show. The activity ended with a popular bhajan followed by a dance of gopis around Krishna. Principal Ms. Anjli Sharma appreciated the effort of the teacher and the students for putting up such an informative show.

Independence Day

 Independence Day celebrated at St.Soldier Mohali

St Soldier Mohali enthusiastically celebrated the 73rd  Independence Day. Everyone present was full of patriotic fervor. Each face glowed with the shimmer of a proud and free Indian. The whole ambience of the school echoed with the slogans of ‘Jai Hind’.

Principal Anjli Sharma hoisted the Tricolour and received the Guard of Honour as the young N.C.C. cadets marched past. Students of  Classe VI  under the guidance of  Ms Ravinder Kaur conducted a special assembly  to enlighten the present generation about the significance of the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters for the independence of our motherland. It was a thought provoking assembly as the participants kept asking whether after 72nd years ‘Are we free from corruption, poverty, greed, drug abuse, fear, terrorism etc ?’
To pay a  tribute to the valiant martyrs of  Kargil war  a special Power Point Presentation  was showcased which stirred everyone’s heart with patriotism.

Patriotic Songs by the students of different houses rejoiced everyone. 

Principal Anjli Sharma  was overwhelmed with the feelings of nationalism and  appreciated the efforts put in  and enthusiasm shown by the students to make this day a memorable and vibrant one. She conducted an exciting short quiz brainstorming young minds with the various questions pertaining to the history of Indian Independence.

Assembly on Save Water

Morning Assembly at St.Soldier’s Mohali

Nursery –A students of St. Soldier School Mohali under the guidance of Ms Narinder Kaur put up a Special Assembly on the theme ‘Rain Rain come again’ . The students not only sang the Rain song, but also depicted the importance of their favourite season using various props. Seven girls in costumes and pompoms of seven colours of the Rainbow danced gracefully while the other sang the Rainbow song melodiously tapping their feet. The assembly ended with a message ‘Save Water’.

Students say ‘No’ to Plastics

Students say ‘No’ to Plastics at St. Soldier’s Mohali

Class VII-A students of St. Soldier School Mohali  reiterated the dire need of banning Plastics so as to make our earth an eco-friendly planet. A prudently scripted street play was wonderfully showcased by the young actors to bring home to the audience the message of ‘Say No to Plastics’. Each and every harmful aspect of using plastics was deftly dramatized and was applauded by everyone. The event was staged under the aegis of Ms. Sonam, the Class teacher who later on sent the young ones to spread the awareness in the vicinity of the school by exhibiting the play in Phase-7, Mohali.

Yellow Day

Yellow Day celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

To create awareness about the Colour-Yellow, students of K.G.-B under the guidance of their Class teacher Ms. Anuja Verma conducted the Morning Assembly. They apprised the audience about the significance of the colour with the help of attractive props and introduced many yellow fruits, vegetables and other yellow items. The highlight of the activity was the yellow train which reached at the yellow station. The Colour Clown with the yellow hat stole the show.The activity was concluded with a beautiful song of the same theme.

Toddlers up to Class II were dressed up in their yellow attire. In the Activity Room Ms. Deepa Sood made a yellow drink for them and also a fruit chat with yellow fruits.They sang beautiful songs related to yellow with Ms. Arti Teji. Principal Anjli Sharma applauded the efforts of the teachers and students.

Awareness Campaign to curb Population Explosion

To enlighten the young NCC cadets regarding the ill-effects of overpopulation, an awareness session was organized at St. Soldier Int. Convent School Mohali under the supervision of Commanding Officer Col.Manu Solanki from 3PBC(I) C0Y , Ropar NCC. He was accompanied by Subedar Gurpal Singh, Hawaldar Karaj Singh and Associate NCC officer Neeraj Singh. The resource person Ms. Anamika Mehta apprised the cadets about the various causes of the burgeoning population, its effects and the remedial measures to curb it. To propagate this mission, a street play and a rally were conducted by the NCC cadets in the vicinity of the school. The whole event took place in the wake of the ongoing ‘Over Population Awareness Week’ celebrations.

International Yoga Day

To raise awareness of the many benefits of practicing yoga ‘International Yoga Day ‘ was observed at St. Soldier School Mohali.
Ms. Sarabjit Kaur HOD Hindi who is a yoga expert was the instructor and about 50 teachers performed many of the important asanas which have to be done regularly to control weight and common ailments like blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.
Principal Ms Anjli Sharma and Headmistress Ms.Amrit Kalsi also joined the activity.

6 th Sardar Dalip Singh Table Tennis Tournament

Sardar Dalip Singh Table Tennis Tournament which had started on 20th May 2019 concluded on 21st May.2019 . At the end of the event. Mr. Karandeep Singh Brar, Director of St. Soldier Int. Con. School Mohali gave away the prizes to the proud winners.

The results of the Tournament are as under

Girls (U-12)

Winner –   Titiksha                  (Tender Heart School , CHD)

Runner Up –  Prabhleen         (Learning Path School )

3rd Position – Hasrat              ( Carmel Convent School, CHD) 

  Boys   (U-12)

1st Position –  Vishal                (Tender Heart School)

2nd Position – Pritish Sood       (Learning Path School)

3rd Position-    Neelash            (St. Soldier Int. Con. School Mohali )  

Boys (U-14)

Winner –         Pritish Sood      (Learning Path School)

Runner Up-    Sahil Rawat      (Saupins School, Sec-70 Mohali)

3rd  Position-   Vishal              (Tender Heart School, CHD, CHD)

Girls   (U-14)

Winner-              Pelf                 (Learning Path School)

Runner Up-         Kirti                St. Soldier Int. Con. School, Ph-7, Mohali

3rd position –        Pragati           (Learning Path School)

Boys  (U-17)

1st Position – Ryan Gandhi              (Learning Path School)          

2nd Position – Sagar Rawat             (Saupins School Sec-70 Mohali)          

3rd Position-  Jaskanwal Singh        (St. Soldier Int. Convent School  Mohali)

Girls  (U-17)

Winner-               Pelf             (Learning Path School)

Runner Up –       Mansi           (Carmel Convent School, CHD)

3rd Position –        Parneet     (D.P.S. Sec-40 Chandigarh) 

Mothers’ Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day a special assembly was organized by Class I-A under the guidance of Ms. Pushpanjali at St. Soldier Mohali. The students started with the proverb ‘God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers followed by a song dedicated to their loving mothers. The students then apprised the importance of mothers and Mother’s day.

Greeting cards and flowers were given to Principal Ms Anjli Sharma and teachers as well. The activity ended with a foot tapping dance “Mothers are Awsome”.

Toddlers in the Pre Primary Section coloured cards for their Moms while the others made creative cards on their own.

The theme of many of the Bulletin Boards in the corridors of the Senior Wing was also on Mom’s Day; Mom U R WOW, Mom is #1, Mom is the Best.