Light and Sound Pageant

Satguru Nanak Pargatya

To commemorate the 550 Birth celebration of Guru Nanak Dev ji, a grand multimedia light and sound show ‘Satguru Nanak Pargatya’ was showcased at St. Soldier Int. School, Mohali. It was a mesmerizing presentation on the life and philosophy of Guru Nanak by the students of Classes III to V. A humble and befitting tribute was paid to the first guru, disseminating his messages and teachings including ‘Work Hard, Chant God’s name and share the earnings’, strengthening the ethos of unity, peace, brotherhood, women empowerment, compassion and environment conservation.

The students through anecdotes from his life apprised the spectators about Guru’s initiative to eradicate social inequalities, hollow rituals and superstitions from the social fabric to make it progressive and a healthy one . Various sakhis were incorporated to reveal how the Guru made people understand to refrain from blindly following religious myths and beliefs in the reality, that God is omnipresent and omniscient. Colourful visual presentation, school choir’s soulful rendition of the Guru’s Shabads and verses, lively and vibrant enactment filled the school auditorium with divinity. The highlight of the show was the arti which came as a surprised at the end of the show with the participants holding lamps illuminated the auditorium. Earlier on 9th Nov. celebration of the occasion had started with an exhibition on the Guru’s life and teachings. The management appreciated the effort made by the students and teachers to celebrate this great day and said that we need to follow the teachings preached by the great saint and scholar.

Children Day

Mentors Enthrall  their students

The 130th  Birth Anniversary of our First Prime Minister, Late Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was celebrated at St.Soldier’s Mohali with much fanfare. The Head Boy for the day was Mr. Manish Parmar (Computer Teacher) and the Head Girl was Ms.Anandita ( PGT Physics) .The morning assembly  began with the announcement of  Ulta-Pulta News by the Senior Secondary teachers and Thought for the Day by Ms.Yogita (PGT Commerce ) and Ms Avleen (PGT Psychology).The Pre Primary teachers presented a song while teachers of Classes IV and V mesmerized the children with a hilarious hindi kavita on the activities of children. The highlight of the day was the skit presented by the senior teachers which created peels of laughter. A fabulous dance performance on the beat of a song from Baahubali by Ms. Nisha Gugnani thrilled the excited young minds.

The best presenters of the exhibition held recently on the Teachings of Guru Nanak were felicitated.

In her speech Principal Ms. Anjli Sharma greeted the students and stressed upon the need of being physically and mentally fit, being kind and patient to parents and spending quality time with them whenever possible. A quiz on Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru was conducted. Later the children had class parties and enjoyed cookies arranged by the Management.
Toddlers of Play Group to K.G.were taken for a picnic to the Nature Park, Mohali while the students of Classes I & II were taken to Chhatt Bir Zoo.

Chairman Mr. Karnail Singh Brar congratulated the children and applauded the effort of teachers to enthrall their students.

550th Birth Anniversary

To celebrate the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s 550th Birth Anniversary students of St. Soldier, Mohali organized an exhibition.

Heart and soul were put in by students of different classes on the different themes allotted to them. Class VI showcased the three principles of Guru Nanak –Kirat Karo, Naam Japo and Vand Shako. Class VII threw light upon the status given to women in Sikhism while Class VIII taught people about secularism. Class IX enlightened the people about the façade of superstitions.

The model of Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara prepared by Class IX  students was the highlight of the exhibition.

The exhibition began by offering Ardas to the almighty followed by Shabads of Guru Nanak by the students of the senior and junior wings which were appreciated by one and all.

Chief guest Rtn. Mr. Sukhpreet Singh Giani ,former President of Rotary Club Mohali applauded the effort put in by the students for their research and creative display of information.


Diwali celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

Diwali was celebrated with great enthusiasm at St. Soldier Int. Convent School, Mohali. In the morning assembly students of Class IV-C under the guidance of Ms. Poonam Saini enacted the scenes of Ramayana in the form of a musical show. In beautiful costumes and jewelry life story of Lord Rama and his famous victory over the evil Ravana was presented. Later, his homecoming with his beloved wife was shown through lighting of diyas. The activity concluded with a beautiful song on Diwali by the students. Director S. Karandeep Singh Brar applauded the effort of the students and teachers. Bulletin Boards were beautifully decorated on the theme Diwali. Toddlers coloured diyas and candles and made greeting cards to be taken home.

Ironbot 2019

Inter School Robotics Competition held at St. Soldier School Mohali

St. Sodier Int. Convent School, Mohali hosted an Inter School Robotics Competition-IRONBOT 2019 on 19th Oct, 2019. The event which aimed at bringing awareness among students about the latest technology regarding school level robotics and their applications saw the young minds visualizing , thinking, managing and solving problems related specifically to the field of Robotics Engineering and Science. There were in all four events for two categories- Lego Robots Category and Open Category. More than 48 participants from 10 different schools of the Tricity enthusiastically exhibited their skills as they vied  against each other to clinch the top positions in the various segments viz. Robo Race, Tug of War, Robo Fight .

The athletic power and brawn of Robos were showcased through the events of Robo Fight, Robo Race and Tug of War.

Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day celebrated at St. Soldier Mohali

Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy the greatest storytellers, the keepers of traditions with  loving, generous and caring hearts. To acknowledge the great work and significant role which grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren, St. Soldier School, Mohali hosted ‘GRANDPARENTS’ DAY OUT’ with gusto and elation in the school auditorium on 12th Oct 2019.

The occasion commenced with the recital of Mool Mantra and Shabad by the little ones of Class I to celebrate the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji followed by the Welcome speech by Principal Anjli Sharma who apprised them that their grandchildren were as dear to the school as they were to them. The first event of the day was a song by Pre Nurseries followed by another song by the Nurseries which showcased the importance of grand patents and the need to cherish their wisdom and experience which captivated everybody’s heart and soul. The humourous skit by Class II was appreciated and enjoyed by one and all. Class I in their song depicted day outs with their grandparents.The soulful qawwali singing by the tiny tots of KG regaled everyone and made the audience feel ecstatic and overwhelmed with emotions. It ended with Dadi bhi Achi Hai ,Nani bhi Achi Hai.Fun Games engaged the parents throughout. Dressing your spouse was the most entertaining game.

Headmistress Amrit Kalsi  delivered the vote of thanks and applauded  the excellent efforts of each and every participant and teachers for putting up such a successful show to honour the grand parents    

Mahatma Gandhi’s 150 Birth Anniversary

Mahatma’s 150 Birth Anniversary Celebrated

To commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi-‘the apostle of Ahimsa and Peace’ a special Assembly was conducted by the students from Play Group to Class 2. Dressed up as Gandhi, students walked on the stage and spoke the famous quotes about the great leader which was a befitting tribute to ‘the father of the nation’. The little ones from Class I –Venus, Vaibhav, Namish  and Ritvi  recited poems on the Mahatma which aroused the patriotic fervor of the audience. The students of Class II showcased the Dandi March through the beautiful composition “De di Humein Azadi Bina Khadag bina dhal’ which filled the ambience with a feeling of gratitude for ‘Bapu’.

The entire show was anchored by Bhavya Singla. The highlight of the show was Harshit Manhas, a student of Class II-B attired as Gandhi who articulated the philosophical and pragmatic ideals of Mahatma.

 Classes VI and VII had a slogan writing competition on Gandhi’s teachings and ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’.

In accordance with the Govt. of Punjab’s celebration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gandhiji a ‘Fit India’ Plogging Walk was organized wherein 75 students of Class VIII participated . Plastic garbage from homes, streets and open spaces was collected and then dumped it in garbage bins at the end of the walk

An activity on Swacch Bharat Abhiyan was also conducted by the Robotics Club of the school. Students participated and creatively constructed Robots that could help in picking up the garbage and throwing it in the dumpyard .

CBSE Workshop

CBSE Workshop held at St. Soldier Mohali

Resource person Ms Inderjit Sandhu-Principal Sant IsherSingh, Mohali and Mr. K.K.Sharma-Rtd. Lecturer(English) D.A.V. College, Jalandhar held a Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills at St. Soldier School, Mohali.The highlights of the workshop were – the inputs on various aspects associated with Life Skills which entailed thinking skills, social skills and emotional skills. Furthermore the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ propounded by an eminent psychologist Abraham Maslow was reiterated wherein the participants were imparted the knowledge of varied needs viz. physiological, love and belongingness, self esteem and self actualization. It was vividly stated how the fulfillment of one need leads to the realization of others, thereby resulting in to be the best we can be.

Sixty teachers from various schools of Mohali and its adjoining areas participated in various activities to learn how to enhance the students improve upon their skills in Team Work.Problem solving, Empathy, Creativity, Self Expression, Negotiation, Communication, Goal Setting, Self Confidence, Self Reliance, Following Rules and Social Interaction. The six hour workshop which started at 9a.m. ended at 4.30p.m. Overall it was an enlightening and enriching experience for all the teachers.     

Prakash Utsav

Prakash Utsav celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

To celebrate Prakash Utsav a special morning assembly activity was conducted by Class IV students of St. Soldier’s Mohali under the guidance of Ms. Neetu Suri. They apprised the audience about the Guru Granth Sahib . The Guru Granth Sahib is also called Adi Granth and it is the holy book of the Sikhs. It contains 1430 pages and 5864 hymns or shabads. The name of the book is made up of three words. Guru in Sanskrit language means a teacher. Granth in Sanskrit language means a book and Sahib in Urdu language means master. So Guru Granth Sahib means a Master Book by the Teacher.

This year, we are celebrating the 415th anniversary of Prakash Utsav of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is celebrated every year on September 1 to mark the publication of the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and various saints which is called Gurbani. In 1708, Guru Gobind Singh ji gave a clarion call “Sab Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai Guru Manyo Granth”.  The concept of God in Sikhism –Ik Onkar, Akal Purakh and Nirankar. A few teachings-Kade kise da bura na socho, na kise da bura karo and conquer the mind conquer the world.

Even Clarion call was recited by the students Aagya bhayi Akal ki, tabhe chalayo panth………The students learn that Guru Granth Sahib, a remarkable storehouse of knowledge and teachings gives the message of love and service to the society. We should follow the teachings.


Janmashtami Celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali

Janmashtami was celebrated at St. Soldier’s Mohali with great enthusiasm. Toddlers of Nursery-C under the guidance of Ms. Seema Gautam held the morning assembly dressed up in colourful costumes of Lord Krishna, Radha, Gopies and Gwalas using creative props. They provided information about the birth of Lord Krishna and the different names given to him like Gopala, Nandlala, Kanhaiya and Govinda. The love shared by Krishna and his mother Yashoda was showcased beautifully. Krishna stealing his favourite maakhan stole the show. The activity ended with a popular bhajan followed by a dance of gopis around Krishna. Principal Ms. Anjli Sharma appreciated the effort of the teacher and the students for putting up such an informative show.